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An intuitive, non-invasive and clinically tested tool that helps deaf individuals to interpret sound through their vision.


A software application that turns smart device into customizable and high quality hearing aid for the hearing impaired.

033D-CROSS-V Glasses

Next generation of hearing-assistive wearable AR glasses (in developing, patented), display and filter sounds based on sound location and user attention.


This product has already undergone the initial clinical trail and has achieved outstanding results. The function and application of this product is to help children suffering from a hearing loss to carry out pronunciation training and to cultivate their ability to read the acoustic spectrum expression on portable devices to understand the language of normal people.

V-Hearing_Clinical Trial Video


Turn your own mobile device into a customized hearing device.

Our Advantanges Notes
Superior quality
Device offers superior sound quality, noise cancellation, and speech understanding.
Global accessibility
The smartphone-based hearing aid application can be downloaded and upgraded at any internet available location.
User customizable
Our high quality hearing aid device is offered at a fraction of the price of traditional hearing aid solutions and therefore enables access for people who can simply not afford expensive amplification devices.
S-Hearing does not look like a traditional hearing aid, and hence avoids any social stigma associated with traditional hearing aids.
Rechargeable batteries
Users do not have to regularly purchase new batteries as in the case with clinical hearing aids.

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